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New features

10th September 2014

The New Toolbox

Update Payment Details

If you’ve switched banks or changed credit cards recently, it’s a good idea to update the payment details on your iiNet account to avoid any mixups with your next invoice. It’s completely safe and only takes a minute or two – just head to Bills & Payments, select Update payment details and then fill in either your Credit Card or Direct Debit details. Once you Save them, they’ll become the default payment details on your iiNet account.

Update Payment Details screenshot

Change Password

It’s easier than ever before for security-savvy users to update their passwords regularly! Located under the My Account tab, just select Change Password from the left-hand column and then make sure that the right username is selected from the drop-down menu. If you’re not sure how to update your modem or email settings with your new password, we’ve got some iiHelp articles handy for a refresher course.

Change Password screenshot

View Invoices

We understand that money matters are important, so you’ll find all of your iiNet invoices in one convenient location under Bills & Payments. They’re available as both a PDF and a simple black-and-white text version. You can even download all of your invoices for a single financial year with our Financial year summary invoices feature.

Invoices screenshot

Plan Change

If you find your broadband plan gives you a lot of excess quota (or perhaps not enough!) you can change it using Toolbox’s handy Plan Change feature. You’ll find this option when viewing any broadband product under the My Products tab. Change Plan allows you to easily compare prices and quotas for our range of available plans so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Plan Change screenshot

Update Contact

Whether you’ve got a new mobile number or a new surname, you can keep your existing contact details in ship-shape using Toolbox. You’ll find the Update contact details option under the My Account tab – from there, just hit Edit next to the existing contact, make your changes and click Update. You can also choose to delete a contact, which is handy if you’ve got some unnecessary duplicates.

Update Contact screenshot